Made to Measure

Some of our products can be made to any shape or size.
We can supply you with Bespoke:
  • Fenders
  • Ashpans
  • Fire Grates
  • Fire Trims
  • Fireguards
Below are some examples of items we have supplied. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.
All our made to measure items are made in the Uk by companies we have had good working relationships with for many years. The quality of made to measure items generally exceeds that of "off the shelf" items.
We offer a range of quality fireside fenders. Fenders are available in Black, Brass, Antiqued brass, Chrome or Brushed steel finish. Or in any combination of finishes.
Fenders generally go around the hearth and it is the hearth sizes that we take as a measurement to work to. When measuring please check both sides of the hearth as the measurement can be different on each side, especially if any re plastering has been done previously. It is no problem, and actually quite common, to make each side return a different size.
Width wise, fenders are made with an adjustable join so that they will give a perfect fit up against the hearth
The fenders are constructed by first welding together a heavy base to the correct size, then fabricating a decorative finish over the frame and finally adding any decorative features such as finials etc.
Your fender will arrive in 2 parts, but don't worry as this is solely a design feature to make sure that they can be safely sghipped through the carrier network. It is a simple task toslide the 2 halfs together and no tools are required
Fenders are manufactures by Calfire who we have been working with for many many years now. Further details are available at
Delivery is generally 4-6 weeks
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Although we stock a wide range of ashpans, if there is not a standard ashpan that will fit your grate then we can make a bespoke one. We will need a basic template the exact size that you require the ashpan to be along with the hieght required.


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Fire Grates
If we cannot supply from stock or obtain a grate to fit yout fire or stove then an individual one can be cast.
For this we will require an exact template of the shape of the grate (or an old grate) with the position and hieght of any legs marked A mould will then be made from this and the mould send to a foundry to be cast.
Grates take approx 6 weeks to be cast
The grates that we have cast are around 3/4 " thick to ensure they give many years of service.


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Fire Trims
Fire trims can be made in Black, Brass, Chrome or Brushed Steel. 
For solid fuel fires we will require the opening size (Width and Height) and the size of the face and the return. 50mm is the normal for the face and return, however they can be made any size.
For Gas fires we will need to send the existing frame to our fabricators as it is important that any clips, fixings etc are exactly right to ensure a perfect fit
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A made to measure Fireguard may be the answer when you just cannot find exactly what you are looking for. Hooks to secure the guard back to the wall can be supplied for extra safety
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